About US

High quality, low prices, global distribution

A world-leading digital platform for premium-quality bathroom ware, from tiles and tapware to vanity units.

Box of Tiles is an online retail platform for home design professionals, including project managers, architects, interior designers, and building contractors. We specialize in tiles and bathroom ware sourced directly from the manufacturer, which means exceptional quality but low prices.

Our platform is underpinned by a global network of more than 600 tile and home design experts. That means, if you have a question about tiles or bathroom design, there's no better place.

Most of our products are made in Spain and Italy, the market-leaders in tile manufacturing. These countries and others throughout Europe are known for their attention to detail and quality.

As well as selling tiles and bathroom ware, we provide bespoke bathroom design services and have a team of experienced in-house designers that can work with you to create a design that meets the exact needs of your client. Speak to our team via video wherever you are in the world, share your ideas and we'll design for you, using products from our platform that are then easy to source. We use the latest 3D visualization technology for all our design services, so you don't have to imagine.

"With Box of Tiles, you'll pay up to 75% less than retail prices – savings you can pass onto the client."

Our emphasis on the latest technology and global trends means that our range is always up-to-date with what's in-demand and all our products are highly durable and come with a quality guarantee.

Order your tiles today and have them delivered in a matter of weeks. Browse our range.